About Us

Our Mission

To deliver our investors with plethora of technology investment opportunities and advantageous returns on each or their portfolio investments.

To guide our groundbreaking tech portfolio companies from early conceptualization and planning through to fundraising and market leading.

Capital Arcade | Portfolio

Our Portfolio

As a global investment company, we have been present across Europe, Asia and the Far East through private equity and seed investments in top-tier technology ventures and companies.

Based on our active ownership approach, we play a significant role in helping visionary entrepreneurs and companies excel, and become market leaders and highly advantageous businesses. Our current core markets are IoT, AI, and IT, where we actively hold broad portfolio of high-prospect companies, with over $3.8 billion in AUM.

Nowadays, we have the pleasure to help our globally diverse investors and shareholders build high quality and advantageous venture portfolios, consisting primarily from early stage tech ventures, which we look to closely back through their next phases of growth.